How We Clean, Proof, and Revive Your Horse Rugs

Oh, we love making sure your rugs get the royal treatment they deserve! Here's how we do it: Your rugs are lovingly washed following the manufacturer's guidelines in our big, specialist commercial washing machines, which are programmed to tackle all types of horse rugs, no matter how much adventure they've seen. We use specialist equine laundry products for washing and proofing, ensuring your rugs are not just clean but also rejuvenated in insulation and water repellency. You see, if a breathable waterproof rug starts losing its repellency, it could end up trapping condensation inside, making your horse feel all clammy, chilly, and far from comfy.

Our Rug Reproofing Services for Year-Round Comfort

Should your turnout rugs need a little extra love to keep your horse dry and snug, we're on it! Just hop over to our Rug Reproofing page for more details. Typically, the magic of reproofing keeps the coziness locked in for a season, and it's a good idea to treat your rugs to this spa day every year.