Got a horse rug repair on your hands?

Should your rug show signs of wear, like rips, tears, or broken straps, rest assured. Our repair service is designed to restore your rug, ensuring it offers a secure and comfortable fit for your horse. Our focus is on delivering solutions that make your rug as functional and reliable as new.

Honest Repairs, Transparent Pricing: Where Every Rug Gets a Second Chance

While we pride ourselves on being able to fix just about any rug, we'll always chat with you about the cost before we start. If we think there's a more cost-effective alternative, we'll let you know. We believe in honest, transparent service.

Saving More Than Just Your Rug: Discounts and Dedication to Affordable Quality

If, by chance, your rug is beyond economical repair, don't toss it just yet!  We can salvage the spares to offer you a discount on future repairs.

As for pricing, it all depends on what kind of repair your rug needs. But rest assured, we strive to keep costs as low as possible for you, without compromising on ensuring your rug remains waterproof and safe for your beloved horse.