Dive Into Our Rug Reproofing Services for Year-Round Comfort

We're all about giving your outdoor rugs some TLC with specialist horse rug reproofing products. This wonderful stuff not only brings back the water-repellent magic to your rugs but also breathes new life into their breathability. Imagine the whole rug, from its outer layer to the cozy inner lining, getting a refreshing spa treatment in the washing machine. This ensures every bit of it gets pampered, enhancing its ability to fend off water and letting it breathe easy, which is super important for keeping your horse snug and warm.

Rug Resilience: Reproof, Protect, and Pamper for Every Season

Now, we know rugs can go through a lot - from braving extreme weather, battling the sun's UV rays (yes, even in winter), to surviving encounters with barbwire or becoming an impromptu snack when your horses decide the hedge looks tasty. These adventures can take their toll on the fabric, making it weak and brittle, and leaving your rugs struggling to keep the rain out. If you've noticed water isn't beading up on the rug like it used to during a downpour, it's probably time for a reproofing session. Let's give your rug the love it deserves and keep your horse cozy and dry!